advantage-11-plus-owl2Lots of reading to do for the 11 Plus? Let's look at improving your reading skills!

Getting More from What You Read!

A good reader does as many of the following as possible:

  • Seizes the main ideas
  • Thinks about what the author is saying 
  • Is active not passive
  • Concentrates on what is being read
  • Remembers as much as possible
  • Applies what is being read to personal experience

Think about the subject you are going to read about

  • What do you know about this subject?
  • What do you want to learn about this subject?
  • After you read, what have you learned about this subject?

Skim the section you are going to read

  • Do you see anything familiar?
  • Do you see anything new?
  • What is your overall impression?

Read for comprehension - Make a note of important parts

  • Use a post-it note or an index card and write down important main ideas and vocabulary. This will help you review what you have read.
  • Stop and re-read ideas that you are not sure you understand. 
  • Think of where else you might find more information about he same topic. "I bet there would be something in my history book about this, too."
  • Recall to yourself what you have just read.
  • Stop occasionally as you are reading and put into your own words what you have just read.
  • At the end of a chapter, recall what the main points were.
  • Discuss what you have read with another student or with your teacher. This will help you clarify your thinking.

Textbooks - More Details

  • Read the Title and Author of the text.
  • When was it published? 
  • Read the Table of Contents. 
  • Thumb through the book.
  • What impression do you have about the text?
  • After you have done all the above, go back and do it again in a more detailed way.

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